Saturday, 26 July 2014

Choies is the Choice for today's OOTD

Hello dears, how are you? Today I was so happy to wear my new outfit from Choies, matched perfectly and I really liked it.

One of the most important things is that it looked exactly like in the picture, color wise and shape.

Well I really don't have anything bad to say:) delivery came fast and it was wrinkles free.

This kind of skirt is my fav, I like this A shape and the retro vibe of it.
Top is great for a wide variety of styles, I'd also wear it with my boyfriend jeans.

Skirt- Here

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Evening Time Fab Dresses

Here is a fab online shop for stunning evening dresses for every and any special event: prom, ball, cocktail, party and even wedding dresses.

I would love to wear almost every dress:) So if you have an event that you'll need to dress up for I suggest you to check and shop your stunning Evening gowns UK dress. 

My favorites are these (by the way most of my fav dresses are with open backs, which is something I'm obsessed about): 

White dress- Here 
Blue dress- Here  

A line spaghetti straps mini- Here

Purple dress- Here 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Summer Time

July has just arrived and I'm soooo busy:) I also try to plan my holiday time with my hubby and daughter. Would love to travel with her for the first time, so excited, just wondering how and what should I pack.
Any way now days I spend lots of time next to the beach, eating too much pizza:) and planning to clean my wardrobe from items I don't really use any more.

How are you guys? what are your plans for July August? I really am fantasizing about a luxury vacation in a Greek Island or Cyprus, which I have visited 5 times already. Would love to hear your sugesstion for a summer fun vacation with toddlers:)

Yep, it is a green pizza!

A simple chic:) just a comfy summer dress for a walk in the park:) in like 40 C degrees:)

Friday, 20 June 2014

Orange&Blue Pedicure for Summer

Hello guys, just a short post showing my new summer pedicure.
I felt like painting my nails in orange and blue jeans for my day on the beach.

Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Floral White Dress & JeweShop

Hello guys today I was so happy to wear my new necklace from this online shop: JeweShop

It was exactly what I was expected, same as the image in their website.
I loved the round shape and the length of it. I admit it was very difficult to choose an item, as they have plenty of jewelries to choose from and the most cute thing is that they have a lover's line for jewelries for couples, so adorable:) Also loved the box that the necklace came with. 
So with this new item I wore with a white floral dress from Cocomore.
I love the floral print that gives the dress some kind of a 3D look.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Fashion Challenge-The Big Apple

Hello my dear readers! This time I'm so excited to announce that I've been selected to participate Kendra's Thornton fashion challenge for her travel to New York.
Kendra is a top travel expert and a real beauty that will stay at the Standard High Line Hotel, which is one of the best hotels ever!
So I was thinking on outfits that could work out for dining and wine in this amazing hotel and other fancy New York places, day time and also on outfit for art galleries and museums. 

I also combined 2 of my favorite S/S2014 trends: 
1. Flat shoes, which will be so comfortable for a long walking, yet fashionable.
2. Floral, well I just love it, refreshing, colorful and very feminine and this trend is also appearing in hair accessories.

Here are my outfits:

1. This outfit is for a fancy restaurant dinner, with vibrant colors and a bit of glam:

Fluro dress-Asos- Here ; Silver sandals-Aldo- Here; Earrings-Aldo- Here; Handbag- Aldo- Here; Jacket-Zara- Here

2. Dine and wine outfit: another one, with a solid color dress that is also fitting for a nice lunch or dinner. I've chose a comfortable clean dress in a knee length that you can play with multiple accessories, like a nice statement necklace:

 Dress - HereBelt- Here; Necklace-Accessorize- Here; Shoes-Asos- HereClutch bag-Accessorize- Here

3. Day time outfit: well you could easily combine these items with different items for any occasion:

Trousers-Piperlime- Here; Sandals-Piperlime- Here; Hairband-Asos- Here; Top-Asos- Here; Bag-Aldo- Here

4. Red skirt and a peplum top will add a bit of vintage vibe to your look and will fit as a day outfit or a short walk to an art gallery:

Red skirt from Asos- HereTop from Choies- HereBracelet - HereBag - HereSandals- Here

Other fashion finds:
The black little dress with lace
Banana Republic
Shirt dresses are also trending out this summer, also are perfect for the day and for a more casual night.

Silver and Brown- Banana Republic

Not my standard evening out: the Standard High Line Hotel
Ok, fashionistas, this mom needs a hand!  This mom that never sleeps is going to that tireless city itself: New York!  Problem is, I know more about dressing for band concerts and soccer games than for the city life.  I'm headed for a night of fine food and wine at the Standard High Line Hotel, so I feel more than a bit out of my league.  Let "Kendra's Fashion Challenge" begin! 
The plan is to start the evening with Sunset Service at the Top of the Standard.  We will drift into our New York night with the smooth jazz stylings of that night's entertainment, while sipping on a cocktail or two.  I've heard amazing things about the small plate offerings here, and the idea of a swanky supper club vibe is perfect for this getaway.  Just thinking about the glittering skyline makes me a bit weak in the knees.  I can't quite believe I'm on my way to a real, honest to goodness grownup adventure.  It's long overdue!  The requested style is cocktail attire, but I'm at a bit of a loss.  Does that mean I need a long or short dress?  Can I go with a bright color, or should I stick to a tried and true little black dress?  You get the point, I need your expertise.
While I'm thrilled to be heading to the Big Apple, I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed at first.  There is just so much to do!  Without the expert advice I received at Gogobot, I'm not sure where I would have started.  The world travelers I encountered there were invaluable in building my itinerary.  I'd never even heard of the Standard High Line Hotel before researching this trip, and now I'm staying at one of the very best hotels in this incredible city.  And now I turn to you, my fashion experts, to help me look like I'm a natural New Yorker.  As we all know, whether seeing a show, lounging at the Top of the Standard, or dining at a local restaurant, the right outfit can be the difference between a good night, and an experience to be treasured forever.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Some Kind of a Boho Chic

Hello everyone!!! I'm so happy to post an outfit post this time after a long time:) 
So here is an outfit with a pinch of boho chic and a fab flower pendant necklace from Paper Piece Designs

If you want a special hand made jewelry just check her Etsy store or if you look for inspirational items just visit the Paper Piece Designs Facebook page- HERE

My new sandals for the summer:) so happy about the latest summer 2014 trend, which is simply flat sandals, cause of having a bad back I always buy flats. This time flats are so trendy, that I have a big variety to choose from!